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PRS Dosimetry has been providing quality dosimetry services to its customers since 1990. Located outside Washington, DC and in Raleigh, NC, with international affiliates in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Middle East, PRS continues to be recognized as one of the leaders in providing high-quality radiation dosimetry throughout the United States and worldwide. PRS customers include both the government and commercial market sectors. Within the government sector we have provided services to local county government organizations, as well as large federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. Our commercial customers vary from small business practitioners, large-scale healthcare systems, industrial manufacturers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

Our Services

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“The Care and Service of Our Customers is Our Highest Mission.”

Dosimetry Badges & Support

Medical, industrial, security dosimetry badges and support

Equipment & Supplies

A complete line of solutions for radiation monitoring equipment.


Providing maintenance, calibration, repair, and other services worldwide on Dosimetry Equipment.


X-Ray Badge and Extremity Dosimetry


Perimeter measurements, site characterization studies, and to monitor exposure to the public.


X-Ray Badge and Extremity Dosimetry


Exposure to the public and the environment.


Deep Dose Equivalent (DDE): The dose equivalent at a tissue depth of 1 cm (1000mg/cm2) which applies to external whole body exposure.

Extremity: Any part of the body including the hand, elbow, arm below the elbow, foot, knee and leg below the knee.

Lens Dose Equivalent (LDE): The dose equivalent at a tissue depth of 0.3 cm (300mg/cm2) which applies to the external exposure of the lens of the eye.

Member Of The Public: A person who does not receive an occupational dose while working and are only exposed during elected radiation procedures.

Occupational Dose: The dose of ionizing radiation received by a person at work, where assigned duties involve exposure to ionizing radiation or radioactive materials.

Shallow Dose Equivalent (SDE): The dose equivalent at a tissue depth of 0.007 cm (7mg/cm2) which applies to external exposure of the skin of the whole body or the skin of an extremity.

Whole Body: The parts of the body comprising the head, the trunk of the body, arms above the elbow and legs above the knee.

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  • NVLAP Lab Code 600060-0
  • ISO 17025 Standards
  • NC Radiation-DHHS: License # 092-1285-1
PRS Dosimetry boasts a worldwide presence. Our network of distributors, are the cornerstones for our success. They provide for additional market penetration, and allow PRS Dosimetry to efficiently service our clients worldwide.
A Dosimeter measures a person’s exposure to radiation in occupational settings, and is sometimes called a “badge” or “X-ray badge”. There are a number of different kinds of dosimeters. The types we use are called thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs), which contain filters and crystals to determine the type and amount of radiation received (X-ray, gamma, beta, or neutron). As the dosimeter is exposed to radiation, energy is deposited in the crystals within the dosimeter. During processing, the crystals are heated and energy is released in the form of light and a glow curve is captured. The data is passed through an algorithm which is used to determine the type of received radiation and calculate the worker’s occupational exposure.